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Heat Transfer Conduction Homework

Due 5pm Friday, March 14. Set up the equations for the nodes using the cases shown in Table 4.2. Nodes 1-6 are interior nodes, Nodes 7-8 are on a plane surface with convection. Perform one solution via Cramer's rule, one via Gauss elimination, and a third solution via Gauss-Seidel iteration: 1. The determinants for Cramer's rule aren't difficult, since most of the diagonals and antidiagonals have zeros on them. 2. The Gauss elimination solution is mildly tedious, but if you arrange the equations properly, you'll have 10 non-zero values below the main diagonal to start, and a total of 13 elimination operations to perform. 3. For the Gauss-Seidel iteration, set your initial guesses for nodal temperatures to a constant 400K. Iterate through until no nodal temperature changes more than 5K from iteration to iteration.

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