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The CAE Lab File Server

The following set of documents detail the facilities offered on the CAE Lab file server and access to stored files on and off-campus.

The CAE Lab file server houses both normal file storage and web pages for graduate students, organizations, faculty, staff, and departments inside the College of Engineering. Like other campus servers, these files are accessible on-campus in ITS and Engineering computer labs, university offices, and student housing. Unlike most other campus servers, these files are also accessible from off-campus, whether from your home, other universities, or other research and related facilities.

Data stored on the file server is backed up daily, allowing data to be restored from any given day over the last two months (as of August 2005 -- restoration windows vary with the amount of changing data on the server and the number of tapes available for backup). Monthly archival backups are kept for one year, and end-of-semester backups are kept indefinitely. Contact Mike Renfro (CH314, x3601) or Joel Seber (CH301, x3734) if you need files restored from backup.

Select one of the document links below for more detailed instructions on accessing your files from different locations and computer types:

On-campus Usage:

Off-campus Usage: