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Connecting to the CAE Lab File Server (On-campus Windows Users)

The following instructions should help you to connect to the CAE Lab's central file server from other locations on campus, assuming Windows 7 is installed on the local PC. Older Windows systems will have a very similar, but not identical procedure.


Right-click the My Computer icon and select Map Network Drive.

In the Map Network Drive dialog box, enter the following:

    Drive: Z:
Folder: \\\homes

Click the Connect using different credentials checkbox, then click the Finish button. On the Windows Security dialog box, enter your username in the form of CAE\username, and your CAE password. Then click the OK button.

If no error messages pop up, drive letter Z: should now be mapped to the CAE Lab file server.


If drive letter Z: is already being used on the local PC, pick another one.

Avoid modifying any files on the file server from multiple systems at the same time.

Students with file space in the Engineering Workstation Laboratories can use the above instructions by changing the path to \\\users
Faculty and staff in the Mechanical Engineering department can connect to their departmental file space by changing the path to \\\me

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