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Programs for FEA, Modeling, etc.

The CAE Lab offers several commercial software packages for solid modeling, finite element analysis, and other numerical modeling tasks.

We have enough notes and documentation on ANSYS and MATLAB to warrant giving them their own folders. For other applications, use the table below to find basic information and contacts for more information.


Local Expertise

Unix Command(s) and Notes


Chris Wilson (BN311, x3216)

abaqus cae, abaqus viewer

Requires: 256-color display or OpenGL


Joe Biernacki (PH312, x3667)

Start MATLAB, then type femlab at the >> prompt

Jie Cui (BN121, x3357)

gambit for pre- and post-processing, fluent for solutions


Ismail Fidan (LH103, x6298)

Mike Renfro (CH314, x3601)