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MATLAB is an application and programming environment for technical computing. It's not limited to signal processing, graphics, or simulation, but can handle a wide variety of numerical and symbolic computations.

In addition to the examples and other documentation here, MATLAB users are encouraged to check out Mathworks' help on general MATLAB or the MATLAB newsgroup comp.soft-sys.matlab.

Mike Renfro (CH314, x3601) is the local MATLAB expert.

Starting MATLAB

Solaris or GNU/Linux
Type matlab at a $ prompt.
Start / Programs / Matlab / Matlab 6 / Matlab 6 R12

Note to Linux users: for some reason, MATLAB's Java GUI does not function over a remote display when you have the Numlock turned on. If you're using one of the X Terminals in CH204 or another Linux desktop, please make sure that you have the Numlock turned off.

Over slower network links, you may decide to run the Linux or Solaris MATLAB without the GUI interface. Type matlab -nojvm at the $ prompt to try this option. You'll still be able to plot graphs, but the integrated MATLAB desktop will be replaced with a simple >> command prompt.

MATLAB Introduction

The PDF version of the MATLAB manual Getting Started with MATLAB is online and available to all on-campus MATLAB users.

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