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Creating a Simple Solid Part

Creating a base part feature, including sketching profile geometry, editing constraints and dimensions, and simple blind extrusions.
After starting Wildfire and starting a new part, you'll see a blank modeling area similar to the one shown here:

The left hand pane is a tree view of model features. Currently, the empty part has 3 datum planes oriented along a set of XY, XZ, and YZ axes. There is also a default part coordinate system at the intersection of the 3 planes.  We'll construct our base solid feature using these three planes.

Creating a Base Feature

To make the initial solid feature, we'll need to complete the following steps:
  1. Select a type of solid feature (extrusion, revolution, sweep, etc.).
  2. Select a plane to locate and construct the feature geometry.
  3. Draw, constrain, and dimension the profile geometry.
  4. Convert the profile into a 3-dimensional feature.

1. Select a type of solid feature

The three basic types of sketched solid features are extrusions, revolutions, and sweeps. Each of them starts with a closed 2-dimensional profile, but differ in how they move that profile through space to create a 3-dimensional volume.
  • An extrusion translates the profile along a straight line, normally perpendicular to the profile plane. The distance the profile translates may be a given constant, or the profile may be translated until it intersects with an existing feature or plane.
  • A revolution rotates the profile around a single axis, sometimes an edge of the profile, sometimes outside the profile. Normally, the revolution angle is given as 360 degrees, but the revolution may be constrained to intersect with existing features or planes.
  • A sweep translates and rotates the profile to follow an arbitrary 3-dimensional path. Generally, the profile is held perpendicular to the sweep path at each point.
For our slide key part, we'll create an extrusion. Select the Insert / Extrude menu from the top of the Wildfire window:

After selecting the Extrude option, a miniature dialog frame (the dashboard) appears at the bottom of the window. It allows you to set or change the properties of this extrusion. We'll come back to it later.

2. Select a plane to locate and construct the feature geometry

Select one of the existing datum planes.