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Starting Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire

Starting Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, and creating a new part.

Starting Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire

After logging into one of the CAE Lab or Engineering Workstation Laboratory Windows systems, open the Pro Engineer folder on the desktop.

Open the Wildfire folder there.

Open the Pro ENGINEER folder, and double-click the Proewildfire shortcut.

After starting Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, you will see a screen similar to the following:

The first thing to do is to change your working directory to somewhere other than C:\TEMP -- the C:\TEMP folder is erased after you log out, so make sure you save your work on your U: drive, a Zip disk, or some other permanent storage. Change directories with the File / Set Working Directory menu entry.

Select a folder to store your work in.

Click the OK button to change directories.

Starting a New Part

Most of the common parts you'll build in Pro/E are solids, the sort of items that are cast, forged, machined, stamped, etc. Pro/E also has options to create sheetmetal models and other types of components. To start a new solid part, select the File / New menu.

Select Part from the Type dialog, and Solid from the Sub-type dialog. Give the part a descriptive name, a unique catalog or part number, or some other name to help you identify it later. Then click the OK button to start the new part. You can now continue with creating a simple part.