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Windows (with PuTTY)

Setting up your Windows system for displaying Unix and Linux programs from CAE systems to your PC. This allows you to run Unix and Linux applications that are not installed on the PC, or to take advantage of the remote system's extra compute power without overloading your PC.

Use of a secure shell (SSH) program means that you can run an application on one of the CAE network's Unix or Linux workstations from other PCs around campus or anywhere in the world. PuTTY is a very common secure shell program for Windows, is a free download, and can be easily copied to a memory stick or other removable device.

Now find the Putty (or Putty-x86) icon on your desktop. If Putty is not installed, download it from its homepage, then return to this page.

Double-click the Putty icon. Its main dialog box will appear, and should look similar to the following:

PuTTY Session Selected

CAE-managed Windows systems will already have several saved Putty sessions available, allowing easy logins to our various Unix and Linux systems. You can click on one of the saved sessions and click the Load button to select one. Systems outside the CAE Network will require you to enter the full hostname (such as of the Unix or Linux system you want to connect to in the Host Name box (click here for a list of those systems). Now click the Open button to start your login session.

The first time you try to connect to one of the CAE systems, you may be prompted about an unrecgonized RSA key. This prompt should only happen once per CAE system, and if it happens more than once, one of the following things has happened:

  1. You've completely reinstalled your PC, causing it to lose its record of the remote system's host key.
  2. You're working from a non-CAE Windows system that wipes out profile information after each logout, or on reboot. Examples of these systems would be systems in ITS PC Labs, laboratory systems with Deepfreeze, etc.
  3. The remote system has been reinstalled. To check on this possibility, contact Joel Seber (CH301, x3734) or Mike Renfro (CH314, x3601). The likelihood of a complete system reinstall on a CAE system is pretty low, however.

If you've verified that none of the above possibilities has happened, STOP NOW and contact Mike Renfro or Joel Seber. There is a chance that a router or other system between your PC and the CAE lab has been broken into, and opens up the possibility that your password or other information could be intercepted.

When the login as: prompt appears, enter your CAE username and press the Enter key. When the Password: prompt appears, enter your CAE password and press the Enter key. If you enter your username and password correctly, you'll be presented with the remote system's $ prompt in your account:

PuTTY Logged In

Once you see the remote system's $ prompt, you can run text-based applications by typing their command.