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Connecting to the CAE Lab File Server (old)

For those users with Macintosh computers that need to connect to the CAE Lab file server, we have two workable solutions that provides transparent access. The MacOS 9.x solution requires third-party software, while the MacOS X solution uses only features built into OS X.

MacOS 9.x Users

First, you'll need a copy of the DAVE product from Thursby software. This allows your Macintosh to participate in a Windows-based file-sharing network.

After installing DAVE, select the Chooser from the Apple menu. Select DAVE Client from the service list in the top left of the Chooser dialog, then select Mount Manually from the Server selection list.

In the Mount a Volume dialog that pops up, enter the following information and click the OK button:

Share: homes
Connect Using: DNS or IP

In the next dialog to appear, enter your CAE Lab username, password, and enter CAE as the domain. Then click the OK button.

Now a networked volume named Homes should appear on your Finder desktop and you can drag files to and from it like you would to any drive.

MacOS X Users

OS X includes all the software required to connect to Windows file servers, so DAVE is not required.

In Finder, select the Go menu, then the Connect to Server menu item.

Enter the following address into the dialog box:
Address: smb://

After clicking the Connect button, a dialog box will pop up asking for your CAE Lab username and password. Enter them and click the OK button.

After clicking the OK button, a network drive labeled HOMES should appear on your desktop and open itself in Finder:

Using this network drive, you can copy files between your Macintosh and your CAE Lab account.

When you're done, you may disconnect the network connection by dragging the HOMES disk icon to the trash can in the OS X Dock.

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