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Displaying Workstation Programs on Your Office PC

The combination of the X Window System and SSH means that you can run an application on one of the CAE Lab workstations without leaving your office. This document should provide help in doing that.

You will, of course, need to install both an X server and an SSH client on your office PC. We've listed a few free or low-cost X servers and several free SSH clients elsewhere on the site.

Windows Example (using Putty and X-Win32)

For the purposes of this document, we'll assume you've already installed PuTTY (version 0.52 or later) and X-Win32 on a Windows-based PC.

Start up X-Win32, and cancel out of the New Connection Wizard. Right-click the X-Win32 icon in your system tray, and select XConfig. Select the Security tab and add to the X-Host list. Check the boxes labeled Access Control and Use XAuth, then click the OK button at the bottom.

X-Win32 Screenshot: Security

Similar to the example shown for simple command-line access to the workstations, we'll enter one of the CAE Lab workstations' hostname into the PuTTY session settings and set the Protocol to SSH.

Putty Screenshot: Session

Toward the bottom of the PuTTY settings window, we'll check the Enable X11 Forwarding box, and leave the X Display Location box set to localhost:0. Now you can connect to the remote workstation by clicking the Open button.

Putty Screenshot: Tunnelling

Now everything should be ready for you to test your ability to run a graphical application remotely. After you've logged in, you can try typing the commands xclock, xlogo, or xcalc. If any of those work, you should be able to run more useful graphical applications like ANSYS, I-DEAS, CFX, or Matlab.

Screenshot: xterm Tunnelled to Windows

Unix Example

Assuming you have an X Server and OpenSSH installed on your computer, this should be as simple as typing ssh -X remotehost if you use the same username on your local computer as you do in the CAE Lab, or ssh -X remoteuser@remotehost if you have different usernames.

Screenshot: xterm Tunnelled to Unix

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