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CAE Lab Policies

Below is the CAE Lab's mission and purpose, and various lab policies. All authorized lab users are expected to abide by these policies.

CAE Lab Mission

The primary mission of the CAE Lab is to provide the flexible, research-oriented computer resources necessary to support Center for Manufacturing Research (CMR) approved contracts, projects, proposals, and personnel. A second function is to provide assistance to the educational program of the College of Engineering in a manner which is consistent with the stated mission of the CMR. Finally, the CAE Lab serves as a state-of-the-art demonstration center for prospective students, parents, industrial and government contacts and many other off-campus visitors.

Establishing Accounts

Priorities related to the establishment of accounts in the CAE Lab are as follows:

  1. University [1] faculty serving as a principal investigator for a CMR-approved contract, project, or proposal.
  2. University students assigned by a faculty member to work on a CMR-approved contract, project, or proposal.
  3. University faculty requiring specific CAE Lab resources to develop courseware or meet other educational goals.
  4. Students in advanced classes which require extended compute times or other resources which are not otherwise available and that a faculty member deems absolutely necessary.
  5. Special considerations may be made by the CAE Lab director or on a case-by-case basis, but under no circumstances will an account or access to anyone who is not then associated directly with the University educational program.

Accounts will be established in accordance with the above priority list as long as the CAE Lab director determines that the resources can effectively handle the load. If the overall load limit of the CAE Lab is exceeded, no further accounts will be issued until the overload condition has been resolved. Conditions and Responsibilities

In addition to strictly adhering to the University Code of Computing Practice, everyone with an account in the CAE Lab must also agree to the following conditions and responsibilities:

  1. Use software only in accordance with existing contracts or agreements between the University and the software supplier.
  2. Restrict the use of software to those purposes for which the account was established or subsequently authorized by the CAE Lab director.
  3. Do not import, copy, store, disseminate or use any software (freeware, shareware, on-line databases, games, non-licensed, etc.) without explicit authorization from the CAE Lab director.
  4. Obtain permission from the CAE Lab director before admitting anyone, other than faculty members associated specifically with ongoing CAE Lab work, to the CAE Lab. All eligible persons will be supplied the current door code by the CAE Lab manager and this door code must not, under any circumstances, be provided for the use of anyone else.
  5. Do not operate CAE Lab equipment for which you are not specifically authorized by the CAE Lab manager.
  6. Do not attempt to repair equipment or to use equipment which is not functioning properly. Report any equipment problems to the CAE Lab manager.

Failure to comply with the above conditions and responsibilities may result in the loss of CAE Lab account or other measures may be taken which are deemed appropriate by the CAE Lab director.


Persons granted accounts and access to the CAE Lab may exercise the following priveleges:

  1. 24 hour per day access to the CAE Lab.
  2. May [2] have file size limit increased to match requirements.
  3. Long-term file storage.
  4. May [2] have trial software loaded for faculty evaluation.
  5. May [2] have up to 30 hours of CPU time per run on a dedicated workstation or may run in background status for periods of up to 4 days.
  6. May [2] run programs across multiple workstations.


All activities in the CAE Lab must be conducted so that they do not interfere with the rights of others. No food, drink, tobacco use or distracting noise is permitted. Project specific materials kept in the CAE Lab must be orderly and neat.


[1] University refers to Tennessee Technological University

[2] With specific permission of the CAE Lab Manager

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