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  • Dr. Qiu received the 2012 Kinslow Award from College of Engineering, Tennessee Tech University. See more details ...
  • Dr. Robert Qiu is invited to submit a brief article for the IEEE Smart Grid eNewsletter. (Sep. 2011)
  • Alumni PhD student Chenming Zhou’s work with Carnegie Mellon University, “A Low-Power Shoe-Embedded Radar for Aiding Pedestrian Inertial Navigation”, was featured in IEEE the Institute. (Apr. 2011) See more details ...
  • "John Zhang’s research on wireless communication could lead to advanced Smart Grid appliance applications for Electrolux", reported the E-Gate, the newschannel for Electrolux North America, in July, 2010. See more details ...
  • Dr. Bharat Soni, Chair of Mechenical Engineering at University of Alabama visited our Lab for PhD program review on Feb. 25, 2010.
  • The wireless networking system lab of Tennessee Tech University is recruiting PhD students. (Feb. 2010)
  • Position #1: PhD student (Hardware Design )
    - Must have a master’s degree in communications.
    - Work experience on hardware implementation is desired.
    - Be skilled in at least one of the following fields: FPGA / DSP / RF.
    - GRE/TOEFL scores satisfy university’s requirements.
  • Position #2: PhD student (Communication Theory and Systems)
    - Must have a master’s degree in communications.
    - Have strong background on communication theory and systems.
    - GRE/TOEFL scores satisfy university’s requirements.
  • "Tech researchers demonstrate new technology to make U.S. ships safer", reported Tennessee Tech University Visions. See more details ...
  • 2009 Student Research Day at Tennessee Technological University, March 31, 2009.
  • Dr. Qiu gave a seminar to SIGMA XI, with the title of "Reinventing 'Made in the USA' Technology: A Convergence Story of Cognitive Radio, Cognitive Radar and Anti-Jamming," on January 29, 2009. See more details ... Download PPT
  • Dr. Qiu, Dr. Guo, and PhD students Zhen Hu, Peng Zhang and Yu Song attended the Dynamic Spectrum Access and Cognitive Radio Technologies Workshop at Dayton in November, 2008, where they demonstrated their UWB testbed. Dr. Qiu gave a talk with the title "Towards An Integration of Wideband (Multi-GHz) Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Radar: Testbed and Architecture". Download PPT
  • Dr. Qiu and his PhD student Peng Zhang attended the MILCOM 2008 at San Diego in November, 2008.
  • HERALD-CITIZEN reported Dr. Qiu and our lab's achievements in the title of "TTU researchers demonstrate first time-reversal radio" on August 31, 2008. See more details ...
  • A UWB Radio Based on Time Reversal Precoding Was Demonstrated at ONR’s Communications Gathering May 6-8, 2008. Watch online or Download
  • Our Lab's Final Report for Army Research Office is listed in the site of National Technical Information Service. See more details ...
  • Wartime communication to improve with Qiu's ultra-wideband work TECH TIMES, Feb. 2 , 2007, Tennessee Tech University. See more details ...
  • Dr. Qiu and some other professors answer a few questions about this month's fast breaking paper in the field of Computer Science. See more details ...
  • Dr. Qiu serves as guest editor for the special issue (April 2006) on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Communications for the prestigious Journal of Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC). See more details ...
  • Dr. Qiu received the 2006 Kinslow Research Paper Award for the best paper published in 2005 from College of Engineering, Tennessee Tech University.
  • Ultrawideband Wireless Communications co-edited by Dr. Qiu is published by John Wily in Feb. 2006.
  • The special session on UWB in IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology with Dr. Qiu being the primary guest-editor appears in Sept. 2005.
  • TTU researchers track hot technology --- Team poised to lead exploration of ultra-wide-band applications. TECH TIMES, April 29, 2005, Tennessee Tech University. See more details ...
  • Our Paper,"Ultra-wideband for multiple access communications",is ranked N0.37 among the most accessed papers by IEEE Xplore. It is also ranked No.6 among the most popular papers by IEEE ComSoc. Top 100 paper list ...
  • Ultra-Wide-Band Research Poised To Save Lives In Rescue, Combat, TERRA DAILY, Cookeville TN (SPX) Jun 28, 2005. See more details ...
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