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Research Topics


1. Smart Grid

  • Novel methods and application for power grid state estimation
  • Distributed methods for smart grid - detection, estimation, and forecasting
  • Sensor fusion, data analytics, data mining, and machine learning for smart grid
  • Security and privacy issues in smart grid - malicious data attack
  • Forecasting models and methods for renewable generation and for loads
  • Impacts of large scale renewable energy integration

2. Big Data

  • Compressive sensing, matrix completion, low-rank models and dimensionality reduction
  • Robustness to outliers and misses; performance analysis
  • Randomized schemes for very large matrix, graph, and regression problems
  • Smart power grid analytic
  • Principal component analysis and kernel principal component analysis
  • Support vector machine and manifold learning
  • Matrix Completion and robust principal component analysis
  • Random matrix, function of matrix and concentration of measurement
  • Quickest detection and weak signal detection
  • Self-designed closed-loop cognitive radar system
  • Ultra wideband testbed
  • Convex optimization based cognitive engine
  • Compressed sensing based system design
  • Detection based on Low rank matrix recovery algorithm
  • Big Data-Aware Networking
  • Cross-layer System Design
  • Collaborative Spectrum Sensing
  • Machine Learning for Big Network Data
  • Distributed and Parallel Computing
  • Applications of Software Defined Radio
  • Large-Scale Network Testbed (of tens of nodes)
  • The dual-use wireless communication and sensing system
  • A novel approach to remote sensing, inverse scattering, and radio frequency tomography
  • Semi-definite relaxation, compressive sensing, kernel PCA, and so on
  • Experiment in the newly-built chamber with automatic turning table
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Air Force Research Laboratory
Army Research Office
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Office of Naval Research
National Science Foundation
Panasonic Research Laboratory
National Science Foundation
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Nissan North America
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Reading Paper Series



Time: 11:00AM-12:00PM
Date: Every Friday
Location: Brown Hall, Room 123


01 October 2010

- Author: R Jenatton, G Obozinski, F Bach
- Title: Structured Sparse Principal Component Analysis
- Presenter: Peng Zhang (ppt)

08 October 2010

- Title: The horseshoe estimator for sparse signals
- Presenter: Zhen Hu (ppt)

15 October 2010

- Author: Matthew D. Hoffman, David M. Blei Perry R. Cook
- Title: Bayesian Nonparametric Matrix Factorization for Recorded Music
- Presenter: Shujie Hou (ppt)

22 October 2010

- Author: Myung Jin Choi, Venkat Chandrasekaran, Alan S. Willsky
- Title: Exploiting Sparse Markov and Covariance Structure in Multiresolution Models
- Presenter: Zhe Chen (ppt)

29 October 2010

- Author: Julio Martin Duarte-Carvajalino, Guillermo Sapiro
- Title: Learning to Sense Sparse Signals: Simultaneous Sensing Matrix and Sparsifying Dictionary Optimization
- Presenter: Dr. Guo Nan

05 November 2010

- Author: Richard G. Baraniuk, Volkan Cevher, Marco F. Duarte, Chinmay Hegde
- Title: Model-Based Compressive Sensing
- Presenter: Jason David Bonior (ppt)

12 November 2010

- Author: Philip Schniter, Lee C. Potter, and Justin Ziniel
- Title: Fast Bayesian Matching Pursuit
- Presenter: Changchun Zhang (ppt)

19 November 2010

- Author: Matthias W. Seeger
- Title: Bayesian Inference and Optimal Design for the Sparse Linear Model
- Presenter: Raghu Ranganathan (ppt)

26 November 2010

- Author: Enrico Carpaneto, Gianfranco Chicco, Jean Sumaili Akilimali
- Title: Loss Partitioning and Loss Allocation in Three-Phase Radial Distribution Systems With Distributed Generation
- Presenter: Gang Zheng

Matrix Completion and Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition


14 January 2011

- Author: Benjamin Recht, Weiyu Xu, Babak Hassibi
- Title: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Success of the Nuclear Norm Heuristic for Rank Minimization
- Author: Benjamin Recht, Maryam Fazel, Pablo A. Parrilo
- Title: Guaranteed Minimum-Rank Solutions of Linear Matrix Equations via Nuclear Norm Minimization
- Presenter: Zhen Hu (ppt) (ppt2)

21 January 2011

- Author: Xinghao Ding, Lihan He, Lawrence Carin
- Title: Bayesian Robust Principal Component Analysis
- Presenter: Raghu Ranganathan (ppt)

28 January 2011

- Author: E.J. Candes, B. Recht
- Title: Exact Matrix Completion via Convex Optimization
- Presenter: Shujie Hou (ppt)

4 February 2011

- Author: Emmanuel J. Cand`es and Yaniv Pla
- Title: Matrix completion with noise
- Author: E.J. Candes, T. Tao
- Title: The power of convex relaxation: Near-optimal matrix completion
- Presenter: Shujie Hou (ppt)

11 February 2011

- Author: Emmanuel J. Cand_es, Xiaodong Li, Yi Ma and John Wright
- Title: Robust Principal Component Analysis?
- Author: John Wright, Arvind Ganesh, Shankar Rao, and Yi Ma
- Title: Robust Principal Component Analysis: Exact Recovery of Corrupted Low-Rank Matrices via Convex Optimization
- Presenter: R. C. Qiu (ppt)

18 February 2011

- Presenter: Zhe Chen (ppt)

25 February 2011

- Author: Jian-Feng Cai, Emmanuel J. Cand`es, Zuowei Shen
- Title: A Singular Value Thresholding Algorithm for Matrix Completion
- Presenter: Alex Zhang (ppt)

4 March 2011

- Author: Raghunandan H. Keshavan, Andrea Montanari, and Sewoong Oh
- Title: Matrix Completion from a Few Entries
- Presenter: Raghu Ranganathan (ppt)

18 March 2011

- Presenter: Feng Lin (ppt)

25 March 2011

- Author: Stephen Boyd, Neal Parikh, Eric Chu, Borja Peleato, Jonathan Eckstein
- Title: Distributed Optimization and Statistical Learning via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
- Presenter: Zhen Hu

1 April 2011

- Author: Eleazar Eskin, Andrew Arnold, Michael Prerau, Leonid Portnoy, Sal Stolfo
- Title: A Geometric Framework for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection: Detecting Intrusions in Unlabeled Data
- Presenter: Marbin Pazos-Revilla (ppt)

8 April 2011

- Author: Laura Balzano, Robert Nowak and Benjamin Rechty
- Title: Online Identication and Tracking of Subspaces from Highly Incomplete Information
- Author: Laura Balzano, Benjamin Recht and Robert Nowak
- Title: High-Dimensional Matched Subspace Detection When Data are Missing
- Presenter: Zhe Chen (ppt)

15 April 2011

- Author: Brian Kulis, Matyas A. Sustik and Inderjit S. Dhillon
- Title: Low-Rank Kernel Learning with Bregman Matrix Divergences
- Presenter: Peng Zhang (ppt)

29 April 2011

- Author: Sewoong Oh
- Presenter: Zhen Hu


- Author: Sahand Negahban, Martin J. Wainwright
- Title: Estimation of (near) low-rank matrices with noise and high-dimensional scaling
- Presenter: Xia Li


- Author: Raghunandan H. Keshavan and Sewoong Oh
- Title: OptSpace : A Gradient Descent Algorithm on the Grassman Manifold for Matrix Completion
- Presenter: Feng Lin


- Author: N. Srebro
- Title: Learning with matrix factorization (PhD dissertation)
- Presenter: Feng Lin


- Author: Sahand Negahban, Martin J. Wainwright
- Title: Restricted strong convexity and weighted matrix completion: Optimal bounds with noise
- Presenter: Raghu Ranganathan


- Author: Borhan M. Sanandaji, Tyrone L. Vincent, and Michael B. Wakin
- Title: Concentration of Measure Inequalities for Compressive Toeplitz Matrices with Applications to Detection and System Identification
- Presenter: Xia Li


- Author: Joel A. Tropp
- Title: User-friendly Tail Bounds for Sums of Random Matrices
- Presenter: Xia Li


- Author: Yaniv Plan
- Title: Compressed Sensing, Sparse Approximation, and Low-rank Matrix Estimation
- Presenter: TBA

Smart Grid Technologies and Systems


29 March 2011

- Author: Yao Liu, Peng Ning, Michael K. Reiter
- Title: False Data Injection Attacks against State Estimation in Electric Power Grids
- Presenter: Raghu Ranganathan (ppt)

2013 Series


9 January 2013

- Author: Wing-Kin (Ken) Ma
- Title: Semidefinite Relaxation and Its Applications in Signal Processing Tutorial
- Presenter: Zhen Hu (pdf)

20 Feburary 2013

- Author: Benjamin Recht, Maryam Fazel, Pablo A. Parrilo
- Title: Guaranteed Minimum-Rank Solutions of Linear Matrix Equations via Nuclear Norm Minimization
- Presenter: Xia Li (ppt)

27 Feburary 2013

- Author: Zhi Quan, Wenyi Zhang, Stephen J. Shellhammer, Ali H. Sayed
- Title: Optimal Spectral Feature Detection for Spectrum Sensing at Very Low SNR
- Presenter: Feng Lin (ppt)

6 & 13 March 2013

- Author: D. Raychaudhuri, I. Seskar, M. Ott, S. Ganu, K. Ramachandran, H. Kremo, R. Siracusa, H. Liu, and M. Singh
- Title: Overview of the ORBIT Radio Grid Testbed for Evaluation of Next-Generation Wireless Network Protocols
- Author: Gerald Baier and Nico Otterbach
- Title: Wireless Networks In-the-Loop: Speeding up GNU Radio development
- Presenter: Changchun Zhang

20 March 2013

- Author: Heping Song, Tong Liu, Xiaomu Luo, and Guoli Wang
- Title: Feedback based Sparse Recovery for Motion Tracking in RF Sensor Networks
- Presenter: Jason David Bonior

17 July 2013


24 July 2013

- Author: Viktor Mayer-Schonberger
- Title: Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think (Chapter 1,2)
- Presenter: Changchun Zhang

31 July 2013

- Author: Viktor Mayer-Schonberger
- Title: Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think (Chapter 3,4)
- Presenter: Xia Li

7 August 2013

- Author: Viktor Mayer-Schonberger
- Title: Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think (Chapter 5,6)
- Presenter: Feng Lin

14 August 2013

- Title: The Scientific Importance of Big Data
- Presenter: Xia Li

21 August 2013

- Author: Viktor Mayer-Schonberger
- Title: Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think (Chapter 7,8)
- Presenter: Oluwaseun Joseph

25 September 2013

- Author: Rob Nowak
- Title: Closing the Loop on Big Data
- Presenter: Xia Li

2 October 2013

- Author: Christos Faloutsos
- Title: Mining Large Graphs and Tensors - Patterns, Tools and Discoveries
- Presenter: Corey Cooke

15 October 2013

- Title: CVX Tutorial
- Presenter: Xia Li

2015 Series


25 February 2015

- Title: Massive Data Anaylsis
- Presenter: Dr. Robert Qiu

4 March 2015

- Title: Sketching
- Presenter: Dr. Robert Qiu

1 April 2015

- Title: Some Issues about Big Data in Power Grid
- Presenter: Gary Quan


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