Welcome to the website of  

Syed Rafay Hasan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (ECE Department)

email: shasan at tntech dot edu

Note to perspective Graduate Students (Please read!):

1-      If you are interested in working in my area of research to pursue  a Masters or PhD degree at Tennessee Tech University, please feel free to contact me.

2-      Please know that it is not a single faculty to decide on accepting/denying potential students. There is a process of admission, and there is a committee to decide. Once you have your exam scores ready (TOEFL, and GRE), you put them in the application and apply to multiple universities (not just one). The committee looks at applications in groups, and let the top applicants know when they decide. For more information on that please check Tennessee Tech University's graduate admission guide, and the ECE department Graduate Admission information.

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